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Singapore City

Entah kenapa dengan berbagai alasan, saya selalu mengunjungi Singapore setiap tahunnya. Mungkin sudah 6 tahun belakangan ini, ada yang pergi bersama teman-teman maupun keluarga.


Kota modern yang terus berubah secara dinamis.



Kunjungan saya ke Singapore tahun ini untuk menemani ibu saya yang akan melakukan presentasi poster penelitian di forum ilmiah internasional dan juga saya berencana untuk menonton pertunjukkan teater musikal Beauty and The Beast dari disney di Marina Bay Sands Mastercard theatre.


Saya banyak berjalan-jalan sendirian ke berbagai art exhibition, menikmati sisi lain dari kota megah ini.


Selain itu saya juga sempat menemui teman saya yang sedang berada di Singapore, menjelajahi makanan-makanan yang di kicaukan di sosial media ataupun rekomendasi langsung dari teman secara personal.


Dan.. tentunya shopping!

See you later, Singapore

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This year – 2015, I gave myself a present for my birthday. I went to Belitung Island for 3 days with my friend, Seda. It started on 7th March which is Saturday and my flight back to Jakarta is on Monday.


Right after Mr.Sanusi picked us up at the airport, we were having breakfast the famous local food – Mie Ateb – I have to say, I like it so much.


And then, we were heading to Gantong to see Muhamadiyah Elementary School which is the setting of ‘Laskar Pelangi’ movie also went to Museum Kata (Words Museum) by Andrea Hirata – he’s the author of Laskar Pelangi novel based on his own life. Such an inspiring person and story anyway.

belitung 1

Our first day city tour closed by visiting Batu Mentas National Park, we saw Tarsius and Luwak there. We walked around and found Tree House and Tent House. Antimainstream way to spend a night there :p

belitung 2

Before the sun down, we already arrived on the Kepayang Island. I really love this island, especially the magnificent view behind my cottage. Perfect place to relax and enjoy yourself. The people in this island also very helpful and kind.


On the second day, we were diving around the island. I have to be honest, it was not my lucky day. I used to have 3 dives that day but the weather and wave condition not allowing us to do so, i had to satisfy with only 2 dives.


After that, i spent my time canoeing around the island.


My last day in Belitung, we bought local snack for our family and also went to Tanjung Tinggi Beach, this place is used in Laskar Pelangi movie. After that we went back to Batu Mentas again for tubing. We were tracking in the woods for 15-20 minutes and then tubing along the river for 1,5 hours. This is the real lazy river!

belitung 3

Well here it is my journey in Belitung for 3 days, i am satisfied with the trip. Happy birthday to me!

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