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My journey to “The Blue Paradise Island – Nusa Penida, Bali” started with my decision to join Pemilihan Putri Selam Indonesia 2016 (Miss Scuba Indonesia 2016). I started to scuba dive in 2013 with open water ssi license and since then I fall in love with underwater beauty, this is the main reason why I joined the competition. The other reason is to make friends as many as possible with divers out there, I often cancel my diving trip because not being able to gather friends whose already certified diver. It turned out that Putri Selam Indonesia gives me more, mostly knowledge about marine conservation, diving sport, and Indonesian dive sites. Surprisingly I was announced as 4th runner up while I was being pessimist because not being able to do the photoshoot session in quarantine. Well, I really am grateful for this opportunity and the top 5 first duty is attending Festival Nusa Penida which brought me to The Blue Paradise Island.


Our agenda for the first and second day is participating in Festival Nusa Penida. In the opening ceremony, we sat at the front row in the stage with representation of tourism minister *so awkward.. Anyway from the whole ceremony, I was amazed by the local dance performance that involving 1000 male dancer. The next day, the festival programs were cleaning up the beach, coral planting, and releasing baby turtle. We had so much fun!



Our next activity is to do two photoshoot sessions. The first session was for Caspla Beach Hotel which we stayed in for six days, this is the brand new luxurious hotel in Nusa Penida owned by Mr. Putu. I had an incredible experience staying there. The staffs were so warming: Mr. Ketut as the marketing, Mr. Yogik as the head chef, and all of the staffs are such a lovely second family for six days. I also enjoyed the room for its full facilitated, clean, and comfortable ambience. Note that this hotel located near the caspla speed boat harbour – only 2 minutes walk, you can easily find the access to this hotel.


The photoshoot session was done while we were playing water sports. We tried banana boat, donut boat, jet ski, flyboard, and snorkelling. The perks of staying in Caspla Beach Hotel is having a nice beach and underwater scenery right in front of the hotel.


The second photoshoot session was for the festival. We were wearing two outfits, summer beach outfit and diving outfit. The photoshoot was taken place in Crystal Bay, one of the famous beach in Nusa Penida.



The third photoshoot session was in Denpasar, Bali for Seagods Wetsuit. We did this on our last day before going to the airport.


We were not forget to explore Nusa Penida: we visited Kelingking Beach, Broken Beach, and Angels Billabong. In Kelingking Beach, you’ll find temple near the photo spot so please be aware if you’re here not to get in there if you’re not dressed properly. The view from cliff was so magnificent, you’re like seeing a “dinosaur head” island. Do not forget to visit the small local stalls near this point, I met thin old lady who barely speaks english and indonesian. She was selling drinks, snacks, and cotton to be woven. I can’t imagine how she communicate with tourists. Moreover in this point will be built a hotel, i hope the old lady and all the local people will be doing fine and having proper life even though their area is being taken over.



Broken beach and Angels Billabong are located in the same place. You’ll need thick footwear because difficult path to get to Angels Billabong, but once you get there – it’s all paid off (my sandals were broken off here). Thanks to Vena, Oja, and Daniel for accompanied us to this beautiful places.



As the miss scuba indonesia, sure we were diving here!! Thank you to Octopus dive that help us knowing more about Nusa Penida and its diving spots. Two thumbs up for Tante Thea, Aya (she is the youngest dive instructor in Indonesia and also former 3rd runner up Miss Scuba Indonesia), Vena, Abi, and Bang Indro (i forget his real name lol – he’s look alike Indro warmup DKI) from Octopus Dive. Even though I didn’t meet mola mola, I feel satisfy and happy to be able to explore one of the best dive sites to experience waves, tides, and currents.


For food here, you have to try 2 places. Eat at the Caspla Beach Hotel Restaurant and Pina Colada. They both have extraordinary food. Me and my friends had cooking class with Chef Yogik in Caspla Beach Hotel restaurant, that was so exciting. In Pina Colada, they concern about healthy lifestyle. They served red rice not white rice, and they’re not using plastic straw but bamboo straw. I fell in love with the concept, reduce plastic waste – save the earth!



I think this is all my stories in Nusa Penida. Thank you so much Putri Selam Indonesia, Caspla Beach Hotel, and Octopus Dive! See you next time Nusa Penida.



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This year – 2015, I gave myself a present for my birthday. I went to Belitung Island for 3 days with my friend, Seda. It started on 7th March which is Saturday and my flight back to Jakarta is on Monday.


Right after Mr.Sanusi picked us up at the airport, we were having breakfast the famous local food – Mie Ateb – I have to say, I like it so much.


And then, we were heading to Gantong to see Muhamadiyah Elementary School which is the setting of ‘Laskar Pelangi’ movie also went to Museum Kata (Words Museum) by Andrea Hirata – he’s the author of Laskar Pelangi novel based on his own life. Such an inspiring person and story anyway.

belitung 1

Our first day city tour closed by visiting Batu Mentas National Park, we saw Tarsius and Luwak there. We walked around and found Tree House and Tent House. Antimainstream way to spend a night there :p

belitung 2

Before the sun down, we already arrived on the Kepayang Island. I really love this island, especially the magnificent view behind my cottage. Perfect place to relax and enjoy yourself. The people in this island also very helpful and kind.


On the second day, we were diving around the island. I have to be honest, it was not my lucky day. I used to have 3 dives that day but the weather and wave condition not allowing us to do so, i had to satisfy with only 2 dives.


After that, i spent my time canoeing around the island.


My last day in Belitung, we bought local snack for our family and also went to Tanjung Tinggi Beach, this place is used in Laskar Pelangi movie. After that we went back to Batu Mentas again for tubing. We were tracking in the woods for 15-20 minutes and then tubing along the river for 1,5 hours. This is the real lazy river!

belitung 3

Well here it is my journey in Belitung for 3 days, i am satisfied with the trip. Happy birthday to me!

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Setelah di tahun 2013 berhasil mendapatkan lisensi untuk menyelam bersama 3 teman saya, salah satu cita-cita saya setelah lulus kuliah adalah untuk menjelajahi kekayaan alam Indonesia (khususnya dunia bawah lautnya). Di akhir tahun 2014, saya berhasil menjadi dokter gigi seutuhnya menyelesaikan studi yang sudah lima tahun saya jalani di FKG UI. Dan dimulai lah realisasi cita-cita saya tersebut, dalam rentang waktu tiga bulan saya mengunjungi Bali, Makassar, dan Lampung. Kesemuanya itu memang saya khususkan perjalanan saya untuk melakukan penyelaman.

Perjalanan saya ke Bali sebenarnya berbarengan dengan adanya kegiatan seminar yang salah satu panitianya adalah ibu saya, sehingga tentu saja ini menghemat pengeluaran saya di akomodasi serta transportasi (oke, di segala hal tepatnya). Beberapa senior saya di kampus pun terlibat dalam acara ini, baik sebagai peserta maupun panitia. Saya beruntung dapat mengikuti acara seminar yang sangat bermanfaat dengan speaker dari dalam dan luar negri (secara cuma-cuma walaupun tidak mendapatkan sertifikat). Jadi tidak hanya liburan tapi juga menambah ilmu.


Di Bali ini, saya mengunjungi 2 dive site yang cukup terkenal, yaitu Nusa Penida dan Tulamben. Saya sendiri menginap di Hotel Nikko Nusa Dua sehingga membutuhkan beberapa jam untuk mencapai dive site tersebut baik saat melalui transportasi darat maupun laut. Tapi perjalanan panjang tersebut tidak mengecewakan, saya puas sekali dengan pengalaman yang saya dapat di bawah sana terutama saat di Tulamben. Saya seperti mengalami magical moment dengan kapal tenggelam yang ada disana.

Makassar adalah tujuan saya berikutnya, lagi-lagi saya pergi bersama ibu saya karena beliau ada kepentingan untuk menjadi penguji di Unhas (tentunya menghemat pengeluaran saya -lagi-). Saya pergi ke kota ini tidak hanya bersama ibu saya tapi juga dosen-dosen saya di FKG UI, lucu rasanya kalau membayangkan saat masih bekerja sama dengan mereka di kampus. Perjalanan ini hanya tiga hari, dipenuhi dengan wisata kuliner dan menyelam tentunya.

Pada saat saya menyelam di Pulau Samalona, ternyata ada acara yang di adakan oleh dinas pariwisata pemerintah setempat. Saya pun menyelam dengan beberapa teman baru yang merupakan peserta dari acara tersebut. Lautnya tidak terlalu dalam namun cukup menarik untuk di jelajahi. Sayang karena waktu yang singkat, saya hanya bisa menyelam di sekitar Pulau Samalona dan tidak sempat mengunjungi Selayar, atau Tanjung Bira.

Saat beristirahat setelah menyelam, kami menyempatkan diri naik ke Pulau dan ikut menikmati acara yang ada. Saya berkenalan dengan beberapa orang dari dinas pariwisata Makassar dan juga EO acara ini, yang ternyata keesokan harinya saya diajak jalan-jalan oleh salah satu teman baru saya ini. Keramaian di pulau ini dimeriahkan oleh tarian tradisional, pesta BBQ, hingga live music reggae dan kombinasi dari kesemuanya itu dengan pantai adalah ‘having a very good time’ !

Kota terakhir yang saya kunjungi (sebelum membuat postingan ini tentunya) adalah Lampung. Saya merencanakan untuk merayakan tahun baru dengan perjalanan menyelam, karena sudah cukup dua tahun sebelumnya setiap tahun baru saya bertugas (2013: tugas none di pasar baru ; 2014: tugas sebagai koas jaga IGD RSUD Tangerang). Saya mengajak 3 teman saya, yaitu Yoshua/Chua, Luthfi/Upi, dan Clarissa/Ica.. Saya sendiri Sissy seringkali dipanggil Cici, memang lucu nama kami semua memiliki versi imutnya :p Kami berangkat dari Jakarta tanggal 31 Desember 2014 jam 7 malam menggunakan bus, sehingga tentu saja kami merayakan pergantian tahun di atas kapal ferry.

10904328_10152903793522488_1980167629_nBanyak pengalaman seru yang saya dapatkan di Lampung, seperti ketika kami tiba di kota Lampung pukul 2 dini hari kemudian ditawari menginap di ruang sekre klub diving mahasiswa Universitas Lampung (saya bahkan belum pernah menginap melewati satu malam di ruang bem kampus sendiri walaupun sering tidur disitu di pagi/siang hari). Kami melakukan penyelaman di dua spot, yaitu Pulau Susutan dan Pulau Kelagian. Saya pribadi lebih menyukai dunia bawah laut Pulau Kelagian, tidak dalam namun berwarna dan kami sempat melihat sotong. Harus diakui visibility nya tidak dalam kondisi yang prima untuk dikunjungi.

Selain menyelam, saya dan teman-teman juga menyempatkan menginap di Kiluan. Di pagi hari, kami menaiki kapal melihat lumba-lumba keluar dari Teluk Kiluan menuju lautan lepas. Setelah puas melihat lumba-lumba, kami berjalan selama 30 menit untuk mencapai Pantai Laguna. Perjalanan yang dilakukan cukup melelahkan, melintasi hutan dengan jalan setapak menanjak kemudian tangga batu yang dilanjutkan dengan melewati batuan batuan karang. Begitu sampai, wah puas sekali rasanya! nyebur adalah keharusan.

10899783_10152920896097488_862351260_nWell, sekian dulu cerita tentang perjalanan-perjalanan yang sudah saya realisasikan. Semoga di tahun 2015 saya bisa lebih banyak lagi menjelajahi Indonesia. Cinta Alam, Cinta Indonesia!

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